cat dead, details later


my favorite movie is re-animator (hence this entire webpage being neon green). i have a rather large collection of media related to reanimator so im going to show it off here.

pictured above (from left to right) is my collection of re-animator on physical release. i own the capelight blu-ray release of the trilogy (which has the intergral cut), bride of re-animator 3 disk set from arrow video, bride of re-animator on vhs, re-animator on betamax, and three different dvd releases. i own a full set of the OFFICIAL 1991-1992 comics, along with an original piece of advertising for said comics. i also own the re-release of the novelization.

i also own the re-animator vs army of darkness ones but according an old post from brian yuzna's blog it is unofficial so i will not be including it.

luckily, i bought them on ebay so those fuckers arent profiting off my purchase.

anyways, aside from re-animator, i like a lot of other movies jeffrey combs has been in and im gonna meet him in august :D


from left to right is the fantaCo 1991 horror year book. its basically a year in review for a bunch of horror magazines/comics (fangoria, gorezone, toxic horror, gore shriek, etc.) and its really cool because it tells you which movie is featured in whatever magazine, meaning i can find ones with re-animator easier. also it has herb and the bride on the cover, which is mostly why i bought it. the next is fangoria #91, its main features are tremors, basket case 2 and BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR!!! have a look at some of the cool pictures.

also i have a fangoria #50 coming in the mail soon. then all i need is fangoira #222 to complete the trilogy.


ive gotten two things since last update: fangoria #50 and the first re-animator on VHS!!

the fangoria is really cool and has some pretty neat pictures from the movie.

The VHS is something ive wanted for a really long time. sadly a lot of the listing for the american version on ebay are kinda expensive/have a box thats falling apart, so i got the german version. since i ordered it from europe, the tape uses PAL color encoding and cannot be played on most american VHS players.

also, my two herbert figures ive never uploaded apparently.


(ive given up on finding photos of them because their faces upset and disturb me. random sidenote: why do all celebrities look like they want to consume human flesh in their press photos? it too me a very long time to find ones where they looked human. i couldnt even find one of jake gyllenhaal where he wasnt staring at me with his autistic eyes.)

anyways, my favroite actors are jeffrey combs, edward norton and matthew lillard. but i also like jake gyllenhaal and barbara crampton, i just dont go out of my way to watch movies just because theyre in them.

my favorite movies from each are:

jeffrey combs

edward norton

matthew lillard

other movies i like

first of all: i will fuck the true crime community's ASS for ruining so many cool movies, bands and video games.
i cant even say i like NBK or weirdo found footage indie films without being grouped in with you fuckers. i hate all of you. you guys are LOSERS!!!

anyways, i really like any movie with guns, guts and gore. basically any 80s movies with over the top red corn syrup blood, but i also like quentin tarantino stuff and just crime/action stuff in general. my rule of thumb is if a short bus worth of people die in the movie, theres a good chance ill like it. my standards are really low after watching so many shitty B horror movies. but i occasionally enjoy tom hanks movies, specifically the terminal, and the south park and beavis and butthead movies. (for more about beavis and butthead and south park, see the tv section.

DVDs and VHS

click to see a definitive list of all the movies i own.

other kickass stuff

the original tarantino version of the NBK script

cool old jeff combs interviews