beavis and butthead kick ass! i own two of the dvd sets-- volumes 2 and three because they were the cheapest ones at the dvd store-- and ive watched them both probably about 100 times. i watched one of them while super sick once and had a fever dream where i created a whole new episode in my head which was pretty cool. anyways i think beavis and butthead are super cool even though mtv sucks ass.

beavis and butthead was first brought into this world in 1992 when this super awesome dude named mike judge made a short animation about two dumbasses hitting frogs with baseball bats. then in 1993 MTV picked it up for a full show. unfortunately mtv are a bunch of pussys and mike doesnt own the rights to beavis and butthead anymore. which is why daria can be a show without mike having have worked on it. (since shes his character, he just doesnt have the rights to her). mike judge did however make a cool show called king of the hill which is also a pretty awesome show in my opinion.

i also really like south park. ive seen about every episode and had a lot of them recorded when my family still had cable. i think most of the seasons pre-season 20 are pretty good but i do prefer the 00s episodes. my favorite episodes are dead celebrities, tsst, stupid spoiled whore video playset, the return of chef and hell on earth 2006. on christmas me and my mom watch a different holiday episode every year.

south park was conceived by trey parker and matt stone when they created the spirit of christmas shorts in 1992 and 1995, which lead to the show being picked up in 1997. since then south park has become super popular, having almost 30 seasons, multiple video games, a movie, specials and a lot of merchandise. my favorite pieces of merch are the plushies from 1998, im yet to buy any though.

i want them.

anyways heres some random pictures of matt and trey